Superhero Funny Baby Bib

Buy this bib for the little hero in your life. Because nothing says hero like a red cape, however this one is on backwards.

Zombie Gnome

Your house is not the only place with potential. Don’t let your garden feel left out. If the the Game of thrones themed Gnome is not your thing how about a Zombie Gnome to haunt your garden paths?


Avengers Assemble! Well coasters assemble… you get the idea. Get your hands on these 8 3D marvel themed coaster featuring four of the most popular characters in comic history!


Get your hands on this pocket-sized torch that can bring out the only dark knight you need. Beam the bat signal wherever you go for those moments when you need to shed a little light.

Harry Potter: Dobby Pop Vinyl

Have you ever wanted your own house elf? Well now you can. Standing just under 10cm tall this Dobby Pop vinyl may not be able to tidy your room but he will still make a great edition to collection.

Official Crash Bandicoot Aku Aku Witch Doctor T-Shirt

With the recent release of the Crash Bandicoot remake we felt it was only fitting to feature this official t-shirt featuring Aku Aku the witch doctor spirit.


This Assassins Creed bath robe wont give you super skills however there is nothing stopping you enjoying some sofa based Parkour or just dry yourself off in style after a nice warm bath.

You’re in my spot Big Bang Theory pillow

Like Sheldon, you have a particular space on the sofa that where the condition are just right. Save your spot by placing this “You’re in my spot” Big Ban Theory themed pillow.

Star Wars Replica Lightsaber Torch

Should you find yourself needing to walk the dark rooms of your house at night, take this trustworthy replica lightsaber torch with you. It will be all you need to ward away the dark side.

Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus Vol. 1

Watched Spiderman Home Coming? Why not get into the swing of things with the Amazing Spiderman Vol 1 comic to get started.

Star Wars The Force Awakens BB-8 3D Light

Nothing says kick-ass man cave like BB-8 breaking through your wall. This cordless lamp with glowing BB-8 is sure to be a talking point in any room.

Hodor doorstop

Game of thrones is out and the themed goodies are a plenty. Now you can hold the door in the most efficient way possible with this Hodor Doorstop.

USB Mix Tape

How would you like to mix the original idea of a mix tape with the digital capabilities of the USB memory stick? Well you can! The perfect romantic gesture for the retro inclined one in your life.


Have you ever been asked how you would like your eggs in the morning and wanted to respond with “Dressed like Batman”? Well now you can! Your eggs never looked so good.

Pac-Man Lamp

Pac-man is the original superhero and arguably the most iconic video game character ever. If you need another excuse to pre-order this bad-ass Pacman lamp, he also comes with a remote dimmer and 12 retro sound effects.